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Team development

Essentially, the team development process consists of three phases: Gaining clarity, taking action and tackling the change. Finally, we will ensurie the ability to act for the future and integrating it into the everyday life of your team.


You will gain clarity about the contribution your team wants to make. Develop your vision for the value contribution of your team. Your vision for the way in which the team works together:

  • What is the value contribution of my team?
  • What is our common vision?
  • What kind of cooperation do we want in the team?
  • What roles and personalities exist in the team?


In the second step, the focus is on changing the way of working together. You will develop the skills to grow together as a team and to enable real cooperation. Typical questions for this step are:

  • How do we unfold the way of working we need?
  • How do we develop mutual trust?
  • How do we increase the ability to deal with conflict?
  • How do we promote self-commitment and mutual responsibility?
  • What is holding us back?
  • How do we do this in concrete terms?
  • What are our first steps?


Finally, we integrate continuous learning into the daily routine of your teamwork. As a consequence, we consolidate the new ways of acting and enable the team to constantly improve from within itself:

  • How can we develop a feedback culture?
  • How do we ensure openness towards further development?
  • Which strategies were successful and which were not?
  • What have we learned as a team to be able to initiate and implement change in the future?

As a matter of principle, I adapt my coaching approach individually to the needs of my clients. Together we will design your very personal coaching process.

Offer yourself 2 hours of your precious time and together we will find out what is possible.

This gift to your team is worth it. How we continue after that is up to you.