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Organisational development

Essentially, the organisational development process consists of three phases: Gaining clarity, taking action and tackling the change. Finally we will ensure the ability to act for the future and integrating it into the everyday life of your organisation.


Find clarity about the purpose your organisation serves and the value system it operates in. We develop the vision that clearly shows the direction you wish to all parts of your organisation:

  • What is the purpose the organisation serves?
  • What are the corporate values?
  • Which concrete goals fit the purpose and values?
  • Which organisational style fits the purpose of my organisation?


The focus in this phase is on the transformation way of cooperating within your organisation and with third parties. We establish structures that sets your organisation on the path to turn your vision into reality:

  • How do we unfold the leadership culture we wish to have?
  • How do we affect the corporate culture?
  • How do we develop the necessary structures and processes?
  • What is holding us back?
  • How do we do that in concrete terms?
  • What are our first steps?


Finally, we want to anchor a culture of continuous development and create structures and rituals to support this. So that the organisation develops the ability to continuously adapt to new circumstances:

  • How do we support short learning cycles?
  • What promotes a culture of failure?
  • How doe we develop a feedback culture?
  • Which strategies were successful and which were not?
  • What does the organisation need to further develop from within in the future?

As a matter of principle, I adapt my coaching approach individually to the needs of my clients. Together we will design your very personal coaching process.

Offer yourself 2 hours of your precious time and together we will find out what is possible.

This gift to your organisation is worth it. How we continue after that is up to you.